All of our patients at JakubDental are entitled to a free consultation. In some cases we are able to tell you the cost during the consultation while in others we will have conduct a full patient diagnosis. Dr. Cezary will check your teeth for cavities, existing restorations, prosthetic replacements, decay (Caries), dental abcesses, gum health, oral hygiene, recession and sensitivity, occlusion (bite), excessive tooth wear, esthetics- the cosmetic appearance of the teeth, perform an oral cancer screening examination and collect any other pertinent information.

A dental treatment is an important decision so we want to make sure you understand exactly what is being done, the benefits, the risks and that you can make an informed decision. Prior to proceeding with any treatment, fees and financial arrangements will be discussed with you and all your questions will be answered. JukubDental accepts assignments, personal cheque, debit, Visa, Master Card and Amex.